Career Guidance

Janata art's, Commerce & Science College and Janata Junior College offers a professional Career Guidance and Counselling service to all students. It is a confidential service, aiming to help each student to get the most from their time here in the college.

As students come to the end of their programme it is necessary to look at and plan for the future, whether this is into employment or applying for other educational programmes. The Guidance Counsellor can help with making these decisions and can provide programme information, the application process for 3rd level colleges, time management, study skills and preparation for the world of work.

Events and workshops: we organise Careers Fairs, Teaching Fairs and run workshops on job search, CVs, interviews, career choice, applications and more

Job search: we can support you with your job search, improving your CV and completing applications.

Careers Guidance Interview: You can book an appointment with a Careers Adviser for more in-depth guidance tailored to your needs.

Campus Interview : College held Campus Interview






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